By design, we have a very low pressured and longevity oriented business model. We take many steps to cultivate this low pressure system; from staying off the property unless necessary, to enforcing a strict de-scenting policy and using a multitude of mother nature’s variables to our advantage for the hunt.


We not only want you to rediscover your genetic drive for connection with nature and it’s resources, but also to reconnect with one of the most ancient hominid experiences of facing the oldest, wisest and most challenging quarry possible, testing your spirit and resolve along the way.


We intentionally rotate a week on and week off, which cuts down on the possibility of a higher number of clients, but ensures optimal environment for our deer.


Our strict no-kill policy for any immature deer (enforced by a $1,000 fine) tailors to the hunter who believes in the above mentioned mantra.


Payment accepted by cash, check or Venmo only.


  • 2 Day / 2 Night Archery Hunt

    Per person, per hunt. Includes meals and 2 nights lodging.

  • 4 Day / 5 Night Archery Hunt

    Includes meals and 5 nights lodging.

  • 4 Day / 5 Night Rifle Hunt

    Per person, per hunt. Includes meals and 5 nights lodging.

  • 4 Day / 5 Night Black Powder Hunt

    Per person, per hunt. Includes meals and 5 nights lodging.

Rules and Suggested Pack List

Suggested Pack List

  • Appropriate hunting gear:
    • hat, gloves, neck gaiter, face mask
    • undergarments
    • socks
    • base layers
    • mid layers
    • outer layers
    • orange layer (during rifle season)
    • black outer layer (for use in blinds)
    • rain wear
    • hunting boots
  • Personal items:
    • street clothes (1-2 pairs)
    • street shoes and house shoes
    • toothbrush
    • hairbrush
    • razor
    • towels, wash clothes, and scent soap are provided
  • Additional hunting gear:
    • rifle and/or bow
    • sunglasses
    • pack
    • binoculars
    • rangefinder
    • rattling horns
    • calls (grunt, bleat, etc)
    • wind checker
    • safety harness
    • red/green headlamp
    • cooler for proper meat and transport care


  • No alcohol is allowed in tree stands, blinds, or anytime when firearms are in use.
  • No tobacco products are allowed in tree stands or blinds.
  • All weapons are required to be sighted in before hunting. Appropriate ranges are available. Two shots will be fired in front of your guide to check weapon function.
  • Spot and stock is not allowed. Hunters must not leave their designated hunting area.
  • Hunters are not allowed to leave Indian Creek Outfitters property boundaries. Trespassing on neighboring land is not allowed.
  • Safety is our number one priority. Hunters must always hook up to safety systems while in a tree stand. Harnesses will be provided for hunters who do not have their own.
  • Firearms should not be loaded until both the hunter and the firearm are securely in the stand or blind.
  • Do not litter. Hunters should bring all trash with them when they leave the field and dispose of it properly back at the lodge.
  • In the case of a wounded and unrecovered deer, the hunter will forfeit their right to continue hunting. They may, however, remain on the grounds and enjoy the lodge and activities for the remainder of their time.
  • The harvest of a deer younger than the pre-determined age limit will result in a penalty of $1,000. Hunters should target mature deer only.